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Coaches Information

Please read below for important information for Coaching at South Delta

Athletic Handbook

Please review the SDSS Athletic Handbook before the beginning of the season. The philosophy of athletics at SDSS is included in the handbook as well as a comprehensive overview of how our athletic program operates.

Incident Reports

Please review the Delta School District's Accidents or Injuries to Students procedure found below. For any injury that a student-athlete sustains, please print and complete the Incident Report form found below and either email it to Susan Elliott - [email protected] - or drop it off at the main office.

If the injury requires an ambulance, please have the parents submit the bill to the administrative assistant for payment by the school district.

Field Trip Forms

For all trips where the students are missing class, the coach must print off and fill in the Field Trip Consent Form. Students will then get that form signed by their parents and the teachers who's class they are missing.

For any trips where a team is staying overnight, the coach must fill out the multiple day field trip form, have it signed by an administrator and then hand it to the Administrative Assistant to fax it to the Assistant Superintendent's office for their signature. Following the school and district approval, the coach must then fill out the standard field trip form for parent and teacher consent.

Criminal Record Checks

All non school district employees must complete a criminal record check for each season that they coach at South Delta. Electronic criminal record checks are now available for South Delta Secondary School volunteers. Please visit the following website - and use the access code Q7RRFPMAMY to complete your criminal record check. In order to eliminate any errors, please cut and paste the access code into the box located on the website.


Following the conclusion of the season, please fill in the Athletic Awards Criteria Form and email it to the athletic director. Please read the instructions on the form with regards to the number of athletes that can be recognized.


Please submit your roster to the Athletic Director as soon as possible after your team has been selected. Please complete the blank roster and birthdate form below and email it to the athletic director.


Delta School District Accidents or Injuries to Students Procedure - Click Here

Incident Report - Click Here

Multi-Day Field Trip Form - Click Here

Field Trip Consent Form - Click Here

Athletic Awards Criteria Form - Click Here

Blank Roster and Birthdate Form - Click Here

Delta School District Coaches Code of Conduct - Click Here

South Delta Secondary School Athletic Handbook - Click Here

Bus Booking Form - Click Here